What is the format for teams?

The Siege on Fort Yargo will accept solos, and two and three person teams: coed, all female, or all male or Masters, (all must be over 40years old). Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in each category, if sufficient number of teams.

I want to register online but I don't know my teammates. Can I do this?

Yes. For the second and/or third team member just remember your team number assigned to you when you recieve your registration confermation email. When your teammates register, simply use of your team number to link up to your team. Keep in mind that each participant must register separately which is why your team number is important.

What is the percentage breakdown of race legs?

The exact distances will be kept secret until the race begins. Keep in mind the 6-hour limit. The mountain biking and orienteering section will be about 10-15 miles and 2-3 miles of swimming and paddling, for approximately 18-20 miles for the entire race. Basic naviagtion skills will be needed to complete the adventure race course. This is an unsupported race.

Do I have to bring my own boat?

Yes! All teams are required to bring their own canoe or kayak and paddles and PFD. A limited number of rental boats are available at $25 for the race.

What will the events be like?

The swimming and paddling will be on a lake. Biking will mostly be on single track with some double track. Basic navigation and map reading will be needed to complete some section of the race.

What will parking be like?

Parking could be a challenge depending on the number of teams so it would be advisable to carpool if possible. There is also a $5 charge per vehicle at the park that must be paid to avoid a ticket. Participation in this event does not negate this charge.

When can I check in?

You can check-in at the Lake Pavilion in Section A from 5pm-8:30pm on Friday night. If you are staying the Winder area on Friday we recommend you check-in on Friday. This will save you loads of time on Saturday and keep you from a potential line. Check-in on Saturday is from 6:30-8am.

Where can I stay before and after the race?

Camping is available before and after the race at the race site. There is a usage fee to camp. Should you camp prior to the race, please stay in the main camping area. If you are found on the race course prior to the start you will be DQ'ed. We really don't want to DQ anyone but we want an even playing field for all racers. We thank you for staying off the race course. If you want A/C and a bed, there are a couple of hotels in Winder.

  • Comfort Inn
  • 177 W Athens St
  • Winder, GA 30680
  • 706-868-5303

  • Jameson Inn
  • 9 Stafford St
  • Winder, GA 30680
  • 770-867-1880

Do I need any certifications?

No certifications are needed to race.