These rules are written to ensure the safety and integrity of the Seige on Fort Yargo Sprint Adventure Race. The rules are enforced by Traiblazers Adventure Racing Club (TBARC) and by the Seige on Fort Yargo race staff and volunteers.


A member of the race team can make any protests after completion of the race to the race director. If a formal protest is made, the RD will consult with the race advisory committee. The race advisory committee is made up of the TBARC Support Crew. All decisions by the race advisory committee are final.

Team Member Withdrawal

Upon race director approval, teams may continue on the race course as an unranked two or one person team if it becomes necessary for members to withdraw. The remaining competitors must carry full team mandatory gear. Voluntary withdrawals must occur at transition areas.

Helping Others

Teams are permitted and encouraged to help each other during the race. You must render aid to any racer in need of medical attention. Time credits will be awarded to compensate for time lost while assisting.

Rules, by penalty


  • Removing a checkpoint marker or punch from a tree or from under the water
  • Failure of a team to pass through each checkpoint according to the passport directions
  • Using a mode of travel other than the one specified for each leg
  • Any travel other than human powered travel
  • Use of ANY electronic device other than watches, altimeters, and bike computers (including laptop computers, GPS, watches with GPS, cell phones (unless needed for an emergency)
  • Littering on the course
  • Traveling outside of Fort Yargo State Park boundaries
  • Lighting a fire
  • Arriving more than one hour late to the starting line
  • Disobeying instructions from a race official
  • Disobeying instructions not to advance
  • Unauthorized road/trail travel
  • Non-assistance to a person in danger
  • Not wearing or improperly wearing a life jacket in the boat
  • Not wearing a helmet while on the bike
  • Possession and/or use of a weapon
  • Violation over the identity of a competitor or change of a team member during race
  • Removing/altering a punch device, trail sign or marking
  • Traveling off trail with your bike (bike whacking)
  • Using maps that were not provided by race management. Outside maps are prohibited once the race starts and/or the race maps are handed out, which ever comes first
  • Assistance by anyone not in the race (directional assistance ok)
  • Not using safety gear when directed to by race management
  • Riding, running, or paddling in Fort Yargo State Park on Friday, June 4, 2010

One Checkpoint Penalty

  • Teammates not staying within 300 feet of each other
  • Arriving at a checkpoint or TA without all team members
  • Picking up and dropping off gear in a place other than at designated Transition Areas or gear drop/pickup
  • Missing mandatory gear. This includes the passport in a usable condition, and a visible race bib/number
  • Failure to wear race bib/number on outside of clothing at all times
  • Dragging the canoe
  • Failure to yield the trail to pedestrians